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The Euro-sceptic Web Ring - Current Members

These web sites are the current members of the Euro-Sceptic Web Ring.

[ 29 ] The June Press
Euro-Realist Publisher: Mail order books, pamphlets, essays and discussion papers - chapter and verse on Europe. Web site only has contact details but many of their wares are described here.
[ 14 ] 4stering.org
North Worcestershire business people against European Monetary Union
[ 44 ] Airstrip One
A weekly commentary on the British political scene and its impact on foreign affairs. Especially useful for Americans who want to understand the Blairite regime.
[ 3 ] Campaign for an Independent Britain - National Office >
The CIB is one of the longest standing anti EU organisations. It is a cross party group, consisting of MPs, Peers and ordinary members of the public, dedicated to British withdrawal from the European Union.
[ 27 ] Euro Know
Euro Know - discussion, explanation and background on the topic of the Euro - keeping Britain informed.
[ 5 ] EuroFAQ
EuroFAQ is a euro-sceptic web resource written and maintained by an independent group of journalists, businessmen and academics who believe Britain's membership of the European Union has been a political and economic disaster.
[ 40 ] EuropaLibera
Uscire dall'Unione Europea - per un'Europa Libera di Popoli Liberi
[ 28 ] European Follies and Myths
This is an excellent site run by David Delaney. Iis a compendium of European Union rules, regulations, policies and procedures which are harmful to democracy, business and liberty. There is also a list of measures wrongly attributed to the EU called Euromyths.
[ 18 ] Eurovote
Should the UK join the single european currency. Vote on-line, now! It may be your only change to express your opinion.
[ 13 ] France et Europe des Nations
[ 6 ] Free Nations in Danger - Rodney Atkinson's Homepage
Rodney Atkinson is a highly praised and successful political economist who writes from a libertarian / conservative perspective. He has written some 70 articles and policy papers and 5 books about the politics of Europe and European Union.
[ 39 ] Gemineye - Euromad
Take a look at democracy, federalism, empire building ... and the Norman conspiracy!
"La France, c'est la France libre" (Romain Gary) UNE DISTINCTION FONDAMENTALE: Dans une confédération, la compétence du gouvernement est une compétence d'attribution, la souverainté reside dans les états confédérés. Dans une fédération, la souveraineté est transférée à l'état fédéral. Les états fédérés n'ont plus qu'une compétence d'attribution de la part du gouvernement central, au nom de la lecture qu'il voudra bien faire du "principe de subsidiarité". Le Traité d'Amsterdam prévoit que cette évolution vers une fédération est définitive. Traité qui n'a pas été ratifié par référendum, contrairement aux dispositions de la Consitution de la V° République.
[ 9 ] NARPSG
The National Association of Referendum Party Supporters Groups
[ 16 ] New Alliance, The
New Alliance encourages "Unity against EU" through running theme campaigns (eg opposing BBC bias, tax harmonisation, Single Currency, bureaucracy) and explains why renegotiating EU membership is not an option for Britain.
[ 15 ] No al Euro
This page is in Ido, reformed Esperanto: it gathers comments of several eminent idists on the Euro and lists links to anti-Euro pages in many languages.
[ 20 ] Nuove Prospettive
[ 32 ] Redoak - Why the UK does not need the EU and Euro
This site is about energy efficiency, X-10 home automation and reasons why the UK should not adopt the Euro and ultimately leave the EU.
[ 17 ] Right Now!
Right Now is an erudite and civilized quarterly written and read by thoughtful, discerning people anxious to preserve Britain's independence, integrity and identity, and who are concerned for the survival of the West.
[ 4 ] Save Bombay Duck
Bombay duck is dried fish from India. It is a delicacy eaten with curry. It has been banned by the EU.
[ 24 ] Swedish Eurosceptics
Swedish Eurosceptics - with link to info in English
[ 19 ] The Case Against EMU