About www.Euro-sceptic.org

This web site is dedicated to three ends.

  1. Keeping alive the debate on European integration, its benefits and drawbacks.
  2. Connecting the various groups and web sites that are part of the resistance to European federalisation.
  3. Helping other web developers enhace their own web sites and resources.
On the first no one can doubt the importance of what is occuring in Europe. The lack of coverage and serious debate in the media it partly why I and others have opened this site. We feel that key issues are not being addressed and the the implications of what is and has happened have not been spotlighted.

On the second point, opposition is very fragmented. New euro-sceptic groups spring up and fade almost weekly. Some have been with us since the time of Ted Heath and remain miniscule outlets of opposition. Inevitably, in a political arena, politics has a lot to do with it. Our intention is to live this fragmentation but give the public easy access and better understanding of the range of opposition and resouces on and off the Internet

Finally, as Internet experts, we intend to help web masters and marketing gurus with their Internet web sites. Features used here can be customerised to your web sites and we'd be happy to guide you in improving them. This is offered at no cost, in what time we have. Please contact us and we'd be happy to help. Check out our Web Site Help? page.