Bombay Duck Petition

Save Bombay Duck Campaign

It is useless to protest to a Member of the British Parliament over a law implemented by the European Commission. The legal basis for the UK law is the Food Safety (Fishery Products and Live Shellfish) (Hygiene) Regulations 1998. This states that where Commission Decisions are passed on third country imports, then those requirements are met by administrative action. In other words, the UK Government is by-passed; in fact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office decided that the Commission decision, which stopped the importation of Bombay Duck, should not even be tabled in the House of Commons for scrutiny by MPs.

Neither can a Member of the European Parliament influence a "Commission Decision".

A private citizen with a grievance has to revert to the method used in medieval times when despots ruled us, we have to submit our humble petitions to our rulers.

A petition here attracted thousands of signatures but now it is not needed. We won the fight without having to go to the Petition Office of the European Parliament. But please make your comments below anyway: