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Better Off Out
It is widely feared that the United Kingdom has become too insignificant to prosper outside the European Union (which we haven't). We are told that we must therefore be ‘at the heart of Europe’, and lead it into the paths of righteousness (which we can't). Most people also assume that the EU will safeguard peace in Europe, (whereas it may have the reverse effect). Then all our leading politicians and media say that the advantages of being in the EU are so obvious and overwhelming that they refuse even to discuss what life might be like outside it.

So, in an attempt to encourage national debate on this greatest issue of our time, here is the case for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, in 60 simple points.

Democracy Movement News Service
breaking news from the capitals of Europe focusing on the European Union and the drive to build a super-state.
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Events are indexed by date, organiser and location, with a map shown for some events. Please submit any eurosceptic or pro-EU event you know of to keep the diary up to date.
NO - Europe Yes - Euro No
New campaign by New Europe and Business For Sterling. Launched early Sept 2000.