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If anyone is in or around Fulham in south West London, The exellent Tandoori Garden gladly serves very good Bombay Duck, that they bring in from Bangledesh.
- C C-R of London, England at 1/10/01 6:46pm GMT

So many limits are being put on things we can or can't do.
Our lives are being controlled and watched at every turn.
It feels like we are slowly sliping into a George Orwell nightmare.

- A G of Cullen, Scotland at 12/7/01 3:21pm GMT

I understand that the ban has been lifted, but I still cannot locate any restaurant or takeaway that has Bombay Duck on it's
menu. Where can I get some? David replies: Personal supplies can be obtained by post from The Sweet Mart in Bristol. 100g packs cost £1.99, minimum order 5 packs, plus postage. e-mail:

- G R of Cwmbran, South Wales at 2/2/01 10:29am GMT

We found your web site quite by chance when my husband decided to try and find some information about Bombay Duck on Ask Jeeves. We would like to say a big thank you because we had long since given up hope of ever tasting this wonderful delicacy again. We have asked a local Indian supermarket to try and obtain supplies from the people you mentioned and hope to soon be enjoying the taste with our curries again. We will spread the word! David Delaney replies: Thanks for your message and please tell all local curry houses the good news!
- M G of Cambridge, uk at 15/1/01 10:59pm GMT

Thank you, thank you, and a thousand thank you's. At last, my husband will be able to partake of his most favouritest delicacy once again. He has been driving me and our local Indian restaurant crazy ever since the fish was banned. Now, we might all sleep peacefully once more.
- Mrs A O of Edinburgh, Scotland at 28/12/00 7:18pm GMT

The decision to reverse the ban on Bombay Duck is the best
decision the EC has made. Well done!!

- G R of Cwmbran, Wales at 27/12/00 9:25pm GMT

I hadn't even heard that it had been banned!!
Bloody Brussels again!
Thanks for the campaign to get it re-instated and for the resulting lifting of the ban.
It is one of my favourite indian meal accompaniments, I was beginning to wonder why it had disappeared from the menus?!!

- J M of Dunstable, England at 25/12/00 10:36pm GMT

I have just read of your success in the Sunday Telegraph. Well done!! Many of us owe you a great debt of gratitude.
I have loved Bombay Duck for over 25 years and was distraught at its demise. I managed to sate my appetite in the early days of the ban when a restaurant in Newbury, berks, smuggled some in but this did not last long and I have not eaten it for three years.
Unhappily, I fear your heroics will not provide all of us with this delicacy. Too many restaurants had alreadly dropped it even before the ban because of complaints from lighweight customers who wanted a sanitised environment and did not appreciate the wonderful aroma as we afficionados do.
In fact, my own wife was always quick to complain when I managed to secure a few strips of Bombay duck and she will not be sharing my mood of celebration.
But that is a future battle to be fought. For now I will simply raise a glass in your honour and pass on the address of the Birmingham wholesaler to as many restaurants as possible.

- M F of Newbury, UK at 17/12/00 12:38pm GMT

Why can the French have their stinky sausages when we can't have our stinky fish?
- J N of Hove, England at 13/12/00 12:26pm GMT

Well done, that is, if its true, that you have managed to persuade those who make decisions on our behalf, to let us have back a taste of india that is truly wonderful.

- Ms C M of Preston, United Kingdom at 13/12/00 11:56am GMT

I may be somewhat belated with my petition, however, I feel that the EC Commission has, as an unelected body, once more, taken upon itself to deprive the taxpayer to justify its own tax consuming existence. Power to the people not the civil servants!
- M S of Kidderminster, England at 12/12/00 9:21pm GMT

I like bombay duck very much. I don't like people who interfere with my freedom to eat what I want.
- J S of Ryde, England at 7/12/00 11:19pm GMT

PLEASE can we have our Bombay Duck back please. It is a treasured accompaniment to what is now virtually our national dish. I miss it terribly.
- R M of Kidwelly, Wales at 3/12/00 10:28pm GMT

I've always thought the ban was illogical but it is like so much of the EU legislation, it is not thought through and the ramifications are not considered, particularly as in this case , there are no health issues.
- J R of Norwich, England at 2/12/00 10:00pm GMT

Considering the appalling rubbish that we feed to our cattle and the way that we are meddling with gene structures, how on Earth do the glorious European Commission find the time to ban something that so many British people have enjoyed for so long.

I suppose living in Brussels on expenses doesn't really expose our supposed betters to the joy of Indian Cuisine.

Lift this stupid ban now!

- M S of Audlem, England at 12/11/00 7:27pm GMT

We always enjoyed bombay duck as a starter and as an accompaniment to our indian meals. My favourite way to eat was crumbled over the top of the sauce or dipped in raita. Our children adored it.
- Ms S M of Porthmadog, North Wales at 11/11/00 3:31pm GMT

First the Bombay Duck and then the Ruddy Duck! Let's have fair play for all ducks, but especially my favorite delicacy, the Bombay Duck. I've eaten many in the past and never suffered as a result. Return it to the menu, I say.
- P M of Coventry, UK at 2/11/00 2:54pm GMT

What?? Bombay Duck is no more?? Get it back into Britain! At least it's never been force-fed meat or fish (think Mad Cow, think Mad Duck!)
- Ms H S of Lincoln, England at 1/11/00 7:55pm GMT

I support free world trade !
- J M of Egham, UK at 1/11/00 1:50am GMT

Ridiculous- I had eaten it for years!
- D P of Elland, UK at 28/10/00 11:44am GMT